Thursday, March 18, 2021

The little things

 There's always something to love about life

A dawn walk around my neighbourhood

I created the Lovin Life theme for a Thursday as a place where we can "share our happys". Whether it be a moment, a picture, a conversation, some food, a product, a dress, a hobby, an event, a place, a memory or a person - it's all about reminding ourselves what's good in our world.

As autumn sneaks into Canberra and I pull on a woolly sweater for the first time in six months, I'm finding the need to remind myself there's always something to love. With the colder temperatures comes increased fibromyalgia symptoms which is less than ideal. My wish for this year is that we actually get a true three month autumn, rather than the crazy summer straight into winter temperatures we seem to keep experiencing year after year. 

The Little Things

Anywho, instead of wishing for what might be, today is the day to be grateful for what we have. So on this Lovin Life Thursday I give you the list of stuff that I'm lovin' about life right now.

  • Woolly sweaters that envelope the body and hug you close
  • Waking in the dark and experiencing the sunrise
  • The ability to fit into (and actually button up) jackets that have been hanging unworn for years
  • Planning and booking micro-vacations within Australia
  • Dogs that welcome you home with so much excitement and genuine love each day
  • Access to great recipes that are not just healthy but really yummy too
  • Furniture shopping for the new house at the coast
  • Selling books
  • Catching up with friends
  • Iced lattes
  • Easy access to a gazillion TV shows
  • Fresh flowers in vases around my house
  • Rain that quenches thirsty land and generates growth
  • Hiking trails
  • Happy kidults 
  • Healthy parents
  • Being alive 

What are your little things?

What are you grateful for today?

Feel free to share your happys!

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  1. Leanne, You've got a good list of gratitude there. I'm grateful that throughout the pandemic and the current lockdown, my family and I have been well so far, I can go outside to exercise, enjoy Spring arrival, see beautiful public art, get fresh food, read e-books, watch virtual shows, listen to music, and blog. I was at the IceFest and that made me happy :) #lovin'life

  2. Congrats on the great house sale at the coast and your new buy. I so would love to buy again but thanks to the extraordinarily good markets everywhere we won't be ever able to do, adjusting to the notion of staying where we are and renting makes financial sense and we are very close to the infrastructure we need most and access to our various people here who care for us.

    Yes, grateful for I am too and grateful for you fellow link up lady. D xx

  3. I do kind of wish we had a real winter here cos there is something to that snuggle factor!

  4. Love the attitude! I am grateful for long service leave, means we can hit the road and travel for months.

  5. Always good to take stock of what you are grateful for. You have a lot! This week, I am grateful for my grandson's birthday and his birthday cake! :)

  6. Love that first pic!! Happy Kidults is very much the key to happiness, if you ask me...

  7. I'd agree with every one of those things you listed that you're grateful for. Thank you for the reminder! BTW - no sense of Autumn yet in Brisbane. Still humid but rainy!

  8. Those are all fabulous things to be thankful for! We are always trying out new recipes and I love when I find those that are both healthy and delicious (and bonus points for those recipes that even my kids don't mind eating!).

  9. Great attitude and what great things to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing them.

  10. I think if 202 has taught us anything is what is important to us and to be thankful for the simple things in life. Stay safe, and keep warm!


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