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Wellness Wednesdays

I am not a dietitian, nor a naturopath, not even a psychologist! But I am an "ageing positively" blogger with experience in positive psychology and I do love to read about health and wellness.

For years I have written health and wellness posts based on my reading and recently I created my Wellness Wednesday posts.

From 2018 I've made Wednesday's my day to share Quick Tips on how to age positively. These Quick Tips are no more than three paragraphs in length and are designed to help readers get some quick and easy inspo to create positive changes in their lives.  They will be written by me with the occasional guest post from health, wellness, fitness and ageing positively gurus.

If you'd like to contribute to these Quick Tips contact me at leanne at leanneshealangdown dot com.

If you'd like to read more, check out the Quick Tip posts below.

Quick Tip #1: Friendship and Fitness

Quick Tip #2: Guest Post by Kathy Marris - 50 Shades of Age

Quick Tip #3: Set your phone to "do not disturb"

Quick Tip #4:  Turn your next holiday into a health food adventure

Quick Tip #5: Take the time to unsubscribe

Quick Tip #6:  Check your snack facts 

Quick Tip #7: Take a cold shower 

Quick Tip #8: The health benefits of green space

Quick Tip #9: Exercise for a cause

Quick Tip #10: Keep Australia beautiful while you walk

Quick Tip #11:  Water is so much more than a thirst quencher

Quick Tip #12: The importance of having something to look forward to

Quick Tip #13: How our physiology affects our psychology - stand up straight! 

Quick Tip #14: The health benefits of coffee

Quick Tip #15: The benefits of stretching every morning 

Quick Tip #16: The power of walnuts

Quick Tip #17: Never underestimate the power of a good brain dump 

Quick Tip #18: How to deal with foot cramps


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