About Me

Who is this Deep Fried Fruit person?

My name is Leanne Shea Landown and I'm an author, blogger, consultant and mum. Deep Fried Fruit was born the day I hit 40 and I've been blogging every day since.

Age is a mindset and while those days have been ticking on, I haven't aged a bit.

In fact, I may just stay 40 forever!

Well ... you know ...the power of positive thinking and all ...

Why call it Deep Fried Fruit?

This is a diary of someone who is trying their best to be fit and fabulous in their 40s.  It's about ageing positively.

Is it possible to be fabulous in our mid life?

Like deep frying a banana ... is it good for you or is it bad for you? Does the deep frying outweigh the goodness of the fruit, or does the quality and attributes of the fruit rise above the deep frying?

Can we all take the essence of our fruitful youth and rise above the deep frying of middle age?

Of course we can! 

Ageing Positively?

This blog is all about embracing middle age. 

It's about loving the growth, the wisdom and the peace that comes with having lived half our lives and being able to challenge ourselves to step out of comfort zones and live the second half with purpose, energy, health and a kick-arse attitude.  Oh and doing it with a firm butt and great hair in the process.

Topics I cover include:

  • Health
  • Beauty 
  • Mindset
  • Fitness
  • Diet 
  • Super foods
  • Parenting
  • Did I mention mindset?
  • Planning
  • Time management
  • Goal setting
  • Achieving dreams
  • Creating a legacy
  • Giving back to the community
  • Oh ... and mindset

Mindset, mindset, mindset.  That's the key! 

Together we can all be fit and fabulous in our 40s (50s, 60s, 70s ....)

You can also find me over at:


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